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Projects for 2022

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Project Number Title
1 Alignment of food and nutrition study data
2 APICURON integration with curation databases
3 Bioinforming
4 BioHackrXiv
5 Bioschemas - Enabling profile updates through the Data Discovery Engine (DE)
6 Building a robust and reproducible assembly and annotation pipeline for non-model eukaryote genomes
7 Connecting and visualizing FAIR data with TogoID and MetaStanza
8 Developing a lesson for the ELIXIR Software Management Plan
9 Disseminating FAIR Machine Learning Models via BioModels
10 Enhance RDM in Galaxy and DSW by utilising RO-Crates
11 Enhancement and Reusage of Biomedical Knowledge Graph Subsets
12 Empowering the community with notebooks for bespoke microbiome analyses
13 Exploring the landscape of the genomic wastewater surveillance ecosystem: a roadmap towards standardisation
14 FAIR knowledge representation for user facing applications
15 Infrastructure for Synthetic Health Data
16 Make your own or favourite software available on your cluster with EasyBuild/EESSI
17 Metadata schemas supporting Linked Open Science (with a focus on reproducibility)
18 MOWL: A library for Machine Learning with Ontologies
19 Nightingale 4.0 - Reusable web components for accelerating end-users access to tools platform metadata
20 Onboarding suite for Federated EGA nodes
21 Operator dashboard for controlling the NeIC Sensitive Data Archive
22 Plant data exchange and standard interoperability
23 Publishing and Consuming Schema.org DataFeeds
24 Quantitative bias assessment in ELIXIR - EuropePMC biomedical publications resources
25 Scientific and technical enhancement of bioinformatics software metadata using the Tools Ecosystem open infrastructure
26 Shedding the light on unknown chemical substances
27 Streamlining data brokering from RDM platforms to ELIXIR Repositories
28 Support for the Common Workflow Language standard version 1.2 in Galaxy
29 Supporting federated secure workflows and analysis using WfExS-backend
30 The ELIXIR::GA4GH Cloud - Admin and User Engagement
31 The What & How in data management: Improving connectivity between RDMkit and FAIR Cookbook
32 Training booster: developing FAIR training materials and Learning Paths
33 Training Systems biology curators in building interoperable and reusable models following a learning path approach
34 Using Federated Public Data for Disease Subtyping and Prediction of Effective Treatments
35 Workflow Execution Service to help the quality improvement of published workflows
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